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Why do we ride?

Simply put, it makes us feel awesome!

Life on two wheels has many benefits: adrenaline, joy, peace, pleasure, smiles, laughter, camaraderie and many, many more. 

There are, admittedly, a few drawbacks. Other than injury, the worst is theft. Theft hurts. (In fact, theft hurts a lot.)

Bicycle and Motorcycle theft is on the increase worldwide but more so within Europe. Though the problem has always existed, there has been a noticeable spike over the last decade—and not just in cities and suburbs. The problem has radiated out to the rural communities, as well.

The problem is clear. Thankfully, so is the solution: Ride and Rest.

Ride and Rest is an ever-growing, security-conscious accommodation directory listing safe places to park and store your bike & motorbike. It’s also FREE. Rather than experiencing the nightmare we and so many others have lived through, Ride and Rest allows you to see the sights and sleep peacefully knowing your beloved bike is secure.

Before your next touring adventure, consult the Ride and Rest platform for a safe place to park or store your machine. If you happen to discover such a place along the road that is not listed in the Ride and Rest directory, please encourage them to contact us so we can include their safe haven for all those who love to ride… and rest in glorious peace.

Be Secure on Tour — use Ride and Rest